EGA Engage

1-Hour Thought leadership roundtables with EGA Board Members. The EGA will host intimate “Industry Chats” via zoom once a month on Fridays at 4PM.

EGA Recess

Informal Thought leadership chats by EGA Board Members on clubhouse. Join us for these engaging hosted bi-weekly “Industry Chats” every other week on Tuesdays at 4PM.

Board meetings

The EGA Board of Directors is the governing body of the Guild. Comprised of EIGHT members, the BOD meets once per month to oversee the administrative operation, calendar and policies of the Guild. While Board Meetings are public and open for all members to attend and view, only current Board Members cast votes. Please refer to the EGA charter documents for a full breakdown of EGA operations.

Membership meetings

Full meetings of EGA Membership are held once per month. Typically, these meetings will be chaired/overseen by a various committee and will include open forum discussions on the industry and other particular business affecting the Guild. Full Membership periodically also votes on initiatives, policies and members of the BOD..

Committee meetings

Members are encouraged to join or sit on at least one committee. Committees meet periodically on a monthly, quarterly or seasonal basis, depending on their tasks. Committees are typically chaired by a  Board Member and are open to all levels of membership to participate in.


EGA Committees include (working list):

    • Membership & Recruitment
    • PR & Communications
    • Marketing & Social Media
    • Diversity & Inclusion
    • Events & Programming
    • Next-Gen
    • EGA Awards

Digital content forums

Monthly or quarterly networking events, mixers and social outings held in key membership markets across the country to foster community, professional networking and guild professional development. Open to Founders/CEOs and principal EGA members only.

Networking events

Social events open to all staff of EGA Guild Members to foster community, professional networking and EGA professional development.

Agency mixers

The annual awards celebration of work, project successes and industry-wide excellence as recognized and award by peers.

EGA awards

Monthly roundtable discussions, interviews or meet and greets, centered around a specific topic open to all members for participation.